While at ProductStack, one of the projects was to rebrand and redesign their website. ProductStack is a digital consultancy that helps organizations build digital products by integrating Lean Thinking and User-Centered Design practices with their Agile processes. ProductStack offers a SaaS platform and accompanying services to help companies design and develop software.


The ProductStack website is both an informational and marketing tool. It explains to the prospective users and clients the ProductStack approach and services, the Lean Thinking and User-Centered Design methodologies. The Information needs to be presented in a user friendly and engaging manner to encourage visitors to carry out the desired ‘call-to-action’ behavior.

Project Scope


My Role

The Challenge


  • To position ProductStack as an expert and a smart leader as a digital product consultancy.

  • To present ProductStack approach – Lean Thinking and User-Centered Design – with clarity and precision.

  • To engage users to click the 'call-to-action' button.


The Solution


The Process


  • Learn. Discover. Define.
    I met with the CEO to learn about the company, the ProductStack approach, key concepts, visions and goals. I then audited the old website, presented strategies and ideas for the website redesign.
  • Strategize
    I collaborated with the CEO and the Marketing Manager to define the marketing strategies, contents, architecture and wireframes, .
  • Research
    The next stage was researching visual trends and competitor websites.

  • Design
    I then created mood-boards, defined the visual and typography styles, and designed the website pages. I iterated the designs according to the feedback. We had 3 launches of the website within eight months.
  • Production and testing
    I p
    repared the assets and design specifications for final hand-off to engineering. I worked with the engineer to ensure consistency with design specification and maintain visual standards.



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